Hello, my name is Alexander Wright.

I have founded Innocuist because I am intensely passionate about music. I love making music, listening to music, and writing about music. Innocuist is an outlet for the lattermost interest, and I hope it will expand and develop over time as a lifelong project dedicated to quality reportage on contemporary music and musical culture.

My personal tastes in music range across the gamut of the art form. Therefore, from reviews of the latest songs and albums to editorial pieces covering the trends and developments of genres and subcultures, Innocuist will cover every genre from hip-hop to folk, indie to jazz, and rock to electronica.

I've always loved long-form writing; the sorts of in-depth articles that publications such as the New York Times, the New Yorker, and the Atlantic publish. Stories that really get to the heart of a topic and express a unique take on things. Blogs like Wait But Why have recently democratised and perfected their own take on these sorts of pieces, but I have noticed that in the world of music there is a distinct lack of such in-depth coverage.

As a lover of all forms of music and a voracious reader of the current crop of music blogs and magazines, I feel there is a gap waiting to be explored where long-form articles and music coverage meet. Innocuist will be my attempt to explore that territory and introduce more traditionalist think pieces, deep editorial discussion, and insightful analysis back into the contemporary music blogosphere.

Thanks for giving Innocuist a read. I am very excited about this project at its inception, and look forward to seeing how it will grow with time. For anybody wondering, the name of the site was inspired by one of my all-time favourite songs, Get Innocuous! by LCD Soundsystem.

My utmost aim is delivering the highest quality content possible. If there is anything else you would like to know about me, please feel free to check out my personal site, and get in touch via the Contact page of that site.

Kind regards,

Alexander Wright